The Green Heart of Istria

Istrian County (Istarska županija) covers the surface of 2.820 square kilometers, and it occupies most of the Croatian part of the Istrian peninsula. Istrian County has a total of 206.344 inhabitants. This unit of regional self-government consists of 10 towns and 31 municipalities, and the town of Pula, with some 60.000 inhabitants, is the largest, most populated, economic, governing-administrative, business, university, cultural, and sports center of the Istrian County.

On an annual level, Istrian County produces over 100 000 t of municipal waste. At the start of its operations, CWMC "KAŠTIJUN" enabled for treatment of 90 000 t of municipal waste. Before it started operating, the municipal waste was deposited unprocessed on landfills throughout Istrian County.