Bio-drying objectives

The bio-drying process gets carried out in an enclosed hall in 14 bio boxes. The bio-drying process has been wholly automatized and gets controlled from an independent control room. 

Bio-drying objectives are:

  • stabilization of organic matter;
  • reducing humidity;
  • increasing the caloric value of waste.

According to its technological characteristics, the Bio-drying process is very similar to the composting process. The goal of treating waste with bio-drying is to remove as much water from waste, attributed by a heat released through aerobic decomposition of waste. The ventilation system in bio boxes enables for circulation of air and heat, and in this way, it facilitates the waste drying process.

Bio box

Each of the 14 bio boxes represents an independent system enabling individual process management. Each bio box is made of perforated floorboards, which allows for control of air inflow and ventilating and homogeneous drying of the material. During the drying process, the air inflow and air outflow are adjusted (via automatic process control) to the requirements of biological processes within the bio box. This process results in dry, partially stabilized material with a low humidity level, making waste ready for further mechanical treatment.