Cells for landfilling waste


Two separate cells were built at CWMC “KAŠTIJUN”, that is:

  • Bioreactor cells and
  • A cell for the disposal of non-hazardous production waste.

After the municipal waste has been treated in the MBT facility, one of the resulting fractions is a partially stabilized biodegradable fraction carried over to the arranged bioreactor cell.

Cell’s body degassing system consists of the vertical pipes for the degassing system, connecting pipeline, and a Facility for the use of produced biogas.

Schematic display of horizontal pipe and vertical wells network.


After filling it up to the defined dimensions, the bioreactor cell is closed with a cover sealing system. Once the sealing system is in place follows the process of adding water and utilizing gas that gets discharged over time. Once all gas reserves have been extracted from the bioreactor cell's body, follows final closing, i.e., recultivating and regreening, is added to the cover sealing system to adjust the landfill body with the surrounding area. 

Leachate that gets discharged by filtering through the material on cells gets treated in the Device for purification of wastewaters located at the CWMC Kaštijun.