Descriptions of treatments at the facility


Device for purification of wastewaters (henceforth: DPWW) treats wastewater flows at location CWMS Kaštijun. This includes treatment of the following wastewater flows:

Sanitary wastewater: waters that are discharged from buildings at CWMC (hygienic premises for personnel)


  • Wastewaters that are discharged from the mechanical-biological treatment of waste
  • Leachate that is formed in the process of anaerobic treatment of waste in bioreactor landfill and leachate from non-hazardous waste landfill

Stormwater: Stormwater is water from the manipulative surfaces (roads within the CWMC), which also gets treated at separators of oil and grease, and collected stormwater runoffs from roofs.

Wastewaters are brought for storage in separate reservoirs located near the Device for purification of wastewaters (D.P.W.) and are then biologically treated in S.B.R. type reactors (sequencing batch reactor) and in U.V. unit (where disinfection is done with ultraviolet rays). Reverse osmosis (R.O.) is applied in the treatment of salt and heavy metals as advanced water treatment processes. 

The water treatment process is an enclosed system as the treated water is reused within CWMC Kaštijun for cooling in cooling towers, for purification of air in scrubbers, for horticultural irrigation system, truck wash, and for other technological purposes.  

Thickener and centrifuge for removal of water from sludge are used for the treatment of activated sludge (which is used in S.B.R.).  

D.P.W. also contains other auxiliary systems. These are the air purification equipment (air filter with activated coal), chemical tanks and dosing pumps, air blower station, as well as the entire equipment for control and managing the process (measuring transducers/sensors and other devices). The process is fully automated, and it is controlled from an independent room.