Publishing project under EBRD procedure

Construction of Facility for mechanical and biological treatment of waste at CWMC Kaštijun is to be financed with EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) loan.  Before the loan is approved, EBRD requires a range of activities related to publishing the project and consultations with the public. Environmental and social impacts have to be assessed for each project. Hence, Projects are classified according to type, location, sensitivity, and category.  

According to EBRD’s environmental policy, project CWMC Kaštijun has been classified as “A Project”. For projects classified as "A" category, environmental assessment is mandatory, equivalent to Croatian legislation. The environmental impact assessment procedure has already been completed for the CWMC Kaštijun, and by the Decision from August 12, 2008, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning, and Construction assessed it as environmentally sound.

In compliance with EBRD’s procedures concerning a project for constructing the county waste management center Kaštijun, a public review has been published for 120 days in December of 2009. This allows for public insight into the following documents:

  1. Notice informing the public of the environmental impact report
  2. Summary report on the implementation of the procedure for the environmental impact report
  3. Plan for informing the public and publishing the project


  1. Waste management systems in the area of Istria and Kvarner
  2. Physical Plan of the Istrian County
  3. Physical Plan of the town of Pula
  4. Waste Management Plan of the Republic of Croatia for the period 2007-2015
  5. Waste Management Plan of Istrian County for the period until 2015
  6. Environmental Impact Assessment Study CWMC Kaštijun
  7. The situation of CWMC Kaštijun