County Waste Management Center (CWMC) Kaštijun


County waste management center “Kaštijun” (henceforth CWMC) has been designed and built-in compliance with Croatian and E.U. regulations and directives, and according to types and quantities of waste that need to be treated as well as activities that are carried out at the Center.

The following processes get carried out at the Center:

  • acceptance and reception of collected municipal waste;
  • biological treatment;
  • mechanical treatment;
  • biological treatment on bioreactor cell;
  • wastewater treatment.

CWMC “Kaštijun" covers the area of 16,6 ha. It consists of several technical-technological units; some of the most important is the entrance-exit zone (5,2 ha), work zone (2,9 ha), and zone designated for treatment and disposal of waste (8,5 ha).

Acceptance and reception of municipal waste

At CWMC, "Kaštijun” waste is accepted from public service providers or transported to the site from reloading stations via trucks with special semi-trailers. Waste gets controlled at the acceptance, documentation gets inspected, and weighing gets done. Then, waste is moved forward for additional processing. The management system of all processes (acceptance and reception of waste) is completely automized.

Waste is unloaded into the reception pit of the mechanical-biological treatment facility (henceforth: MBT). 

Before undergoing the treatment process, the waste is shredded. Shredding and homogenization ensure optimal management of the waste treatment process.