The Right of Access to information

The Right to Access Information Act (OG 25/13 and OG 85/15) regulates the right of access to information and the reuse of information held by public authorities.

“Information” is any information held by the public authority in the form of a document, record, dossier, register, or in any other form, regardless of the manner of representation (written, drawn, printed, recorded, magnetic, optical, electronic or any other record), created by the body independently or in cooperation with other bodies, or received from another person, and arose within the scope of or in connection with the organization and work of public authorities.

A request for explanation or instructions concerning the exercise of a right or execution of any obligation, conducting an analysis or interpretation of a regulation, or the creation of new information shall not be considered a request for access to information.

Access to information is enabled by:

  1. Publishing information regarding its work in an adequate and accessible manner, i.e., on the website of KAŠTIJUN LLC                                                                           
  2. Providing information to the Beneficiary who has submitted a request in one of the following ways:
  • By providing information directly,
  • By providing information in writing,
  • By providing insight into documents and making copies of documents containing the requested information,
  • By delivering copies of the documents containing the requested information,
  • In other ways adequate for exercising the right of access to information.

In the request for information, the Beneficiary may indicate an adequate manner of obtaining the information. If there is no such indication, the information shall be delivered in how the request was submitted, i.e., the most economical manner.
The Beneficiary exercises the right to access information by submitting a verbal or written request to the competent authority. If the request is in writing, then a "Request for access to information" form needs to be filled out. 

Information Officer : Daniela Cetina, baccalaureate tech..

A request for the right of access to information and reuse of information can be submitted via:

+ 385 52 638 660
+ 385 52 638 662
KAŠTIJUN d.o.o., Premanturska cesta 215, 52 100 Pula.

KAŠTIJUN LLC is entitled to request the beneficiaries cover the actual material expenses incurred by providing information and cover the costs of delivery of the requested information according to the Criteria for setting the amounts of fees and the manner of covering the expenses (OG 12/14 i OG 15/14).

We kindly ask that requests be submitted in the prescribed forms. 

Request for access to information

Request for amendment or correction of information

Request for reuse of information



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